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Decentralized Development (DeDev)

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Decentralized Development (DeDev) is a new way of approaching Software Development. As a beginner or a seasoned developer, you will find DeDev concepts intriguing and full of possibilities. With DeDev you will create Digital Experiences that put humans, not platforms, in the driver seat.

Build Products

Build new kinds of Digital Experiences. Such as Decentralized Identities that allow users to be in charge of their online identity. Or Personal Databases giving people freedom and control over their data. And Community Ownership that transforms creators into platform owners.

Grow Continuously

Contribute value performing jobs to build custom functionality for other products, creating reusable elements and making tweaks. Acquire knowledge and skills in the process while earning reputation and collecting rewards. Most importantly, grow continuously.


The Carmel Way

Redefining Human Work In The Machine Era

The Machine Era is here with the potential to build a better world but currently we’re building it in a machine-centric way that pushes humans to the side. Carmel is a sustainable ecosystem that puts humans at the center by redefining the way technology is built through a decentralized approach to software development. The Carmel Decentralized Development (DeDev) Ecosystem exists primarily to help developers grow while providing them with the network, marketplace and platform to develop decentralized products using our human-centric creative process we call Fluid Innovation Thinking™.

Work Redefined For Your Growth

Bring Your Full Humanity To Work

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    Experience the freedom to grow

    Seek your aspirations and be in charge of making a living while pursuing meaningful work that fulfills you.

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    Unleash your creative potential

    Bring your entire creativity to the table, rather than just a skill set, and unleash an incredible force of social good.

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    Receive and give the gift of openness

    We are at our best when we work together openly and we support one another to reach common goals.

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How is it that we literally spend our entire adult life working and yet we seldom stop and think about work itself? I for one, haven't spent much of my career thinking about work, rather, I killed myself working. Funny how we work without thinking about work, isn't it?

I. Dan Calinescu
I. Dan Calinescu

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