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The Carmel Way

Redefining Human Work In The Machine Era

Carmel is a Decentralized Digital Nation on a mission to Redefine Human Work in the Machine Era. The Carmel Way orients work towards Human Growth and engages the entire person by unleashing our natural freedom, creativity and openness. Carmel Citizens get their own Decentralized Identities and own their personal data while working collaboratively as Publishers, Developers and Apprentices to build Digital Cities on Web3, the new emerging web. A Carmel Digital City is a self-governed, online community that owns, develops and uses Carmel Digital Properties such as Web3 Sites, Domains and Tokens.

Work Redefined For Your Growth

Bring Your Full Humanity To Work

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    Experience the freedom to grow

    Seek your aspirations and be in charge of making a living while pursuing meaningful work that fulfills you.

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    Unleash your creative potential

    Bring your entire creativity to the table, rather than just a skill set, and unleash an incredible force of social good.

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    Make friends and collaborate together

    We are at our best when we work together openly and we support one another to reach common goals.

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How is it that we literally spend our entire adult life working and yet we seldom stop and think about work itself? I for one, haven't spent much of my career thinking about work, rather, I killed myself working. Funny how we work without thinking about work, isn't it?

I. Dan Calinescu
I. Dan Calinescu

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